CMSA Looks to Break Down Silos, Build Teams, and Use Storytelling to Improve Patient Care

CMSA Looks to Break Down Silos, Build Teams, and Use Storytelling to Improve Patient Care
The Case Management Society of America (CMSA) Annual Conference and Expo in June proved to be a journey of education and inspiration, empowering case managers to add to their rapidly evolving practice. Major areas of focus during the conference were:

  • Continuing to break down organizational silos
  • Building interdisciplinary teams
  • Using the power of storytelling for more-effective patient engagement

Better Health, Better Care, and Lower Costs – A Recurring Theme

Health, Better Care, and Lower CostsThe theme that echoed throughout the conference was the continued quest for a high-performing health system that is organized to attain better health, better care, and lower costs. However, to accomplish this, the health needs of patients and their families must be met with ingenuity, quality, and precision. Furthermore, the health system must link community assets, case management, and social work that are vitally important to vulnerable populations, those suffering from disabilities, and those suffering from multiple chronic conditions.

The Role of Case Managers

Coordinating care, managing multidisciplinary teams, and achieving better transitions of care are the pillars of effective case management. Case managers provide expertise and clarity to complex medical issues, including identifying obstacles to the delivery quality facilitation, prompt quality health care treatment, and coordination of resources.

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